Living in Greece (25) - Barbara & René StoeltieLiving in Greece (25)
Barbara & René Stoeltie

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Barbara and Rene Stoeltie bring you yet another excursion to the best of the worlds country homes - this time to the mythical land of Greece. Go island hopping with the Stoelties and discover the best of Greece's hidden treats, such as the hilltop vacation house of Robert Browning, descendent of the English poet, in Hydra; a stunning 18th century Turkish-Greek palace - the former residence of a Turkish governor, now inhabited by a farmer and his family on the Argo-Saronic Islands; and the cozy, romantic home of Onassis' ex-pilot Basile Touloumtzoglou and his wife, Tilly. The magic of Greece's old-world charm drips from the pages of this book, which features 22 homes throughout the country.

Fotos und Reiseberichte mit Bildern, Kuriositäten